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What we accept

We pay by the Kg for items in a good clean condition, clothes & shoes must also be in a wearable condition with no rips stains or tears. We accept paperbacks, hardbacks, fiction, non-fiction, children’s and reference books.

Please note – all items should be in reusable condition, we reserve the right to refuse any unsuitable items. It is your responsibility to check the weight of your items and cash paid out straight away. We will not accept any claims made after you have left our location.

Clothes and shoes

  • Clean women’s, gents & children’s clothing (Shorts, Skirts, Blouses, Dresses, Sportswear, Bras, Swimwear, Trousers & Jeans, T-Shirt & Vest, Shirts, Leggings, Jumpers & Cardigans, Jackets & Coats, Suits, Tops, Jumpsuits etc.)
  • Paired shoes (Sandals, Trainers etc.)
  • Handbags, Suitcases, Belts, Hats, Accessories, Ties, Gloves, Wallets & Purses, Watches, Scarves etc.

40p per kilo

Books and Bric a Brac*

*Bric a Brac include small household electrical items, crockery, glasses, ornaments, pots & pans and more. If in doubt, get in touch and ask.

  • Books (All kind of adult and children books. Books cannot be damaged or have a bad odor).
  • Pictures and Mirrors (carefully wrapped).
  • Jewellery, Watches, Perfumes, Cosmetics etc…
  • Gardening equipment, Small tools etc…
  • Souvenirs, unwanted gifts
  • Usable toys / Baby equipment, Mascots, Teddy bears, Soft Toys, Dolls, Puzzles, Games, Console games etc.
  • Household Items (CD’s & DVD’s, Pictures & Photo frames, Clocks, Laundry Baskets, Candles, Lamps, Vases, Glasses, Cups, Mugs, Cutlery, Jugs, Plates etc.) If you can, please bring them in a medium sized cardboard boxes, this will help us with packing for transport.
  • Small electric Items (Kettles, Toasters, DVD Players, Computer monitors, Small TV’s, Mobile Phones etc.)

5p per kilo

We cannot accept soiled, poor quality, damaged (broken zips or stitching), ripped, rubbed, wet or contaminated with pet hair items. Uniforms with company or school logos. Ethnic clothing, nightwear, sleepwear, socks, tights or slippers. Pillows, duvets, blankets, heavy curtains, carpets, rugs or bath mats.

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Clear out your clutter and get cash for your clothes or bucks for your books!

We all have those clothes in the back of the wardrobe that we don’t wear, the shoes that hurt our feet and the books we’ve read and are just gathering dust. Make space, refresh your wardrobe and get some money in your pocket straight away.

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